Discover a groundbreaking approach to customer relationship management (CRM) with this custom-built, no-code CRM tool, designed for efficiency and adaptability. Dive into the details and learn how to tailor it for your unique needs.

Leveraging the power of no-code platforms like Airtable and Make, this CRM offers an innovative solution for managing client interactions. Designed to streamline your sales process, it’s freely available for anyone looking to optimize their CRM experience.

What is a CRM Tool?

A CRM tool is a software system designed to manage a company’s interactions and relationships with current and potential customers, otherwise known as prospects. It helps businesses streamline processes, build customer relationships, improve customer service, increase sales, and enhance marketing strategies. By organizing customer information and recording interactions, CRM tools enable businesses to track leads, sales opportunities, and customer inquiries. They provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping companies to tailor their offerings and communications effectively. CRM tools are essential for maintaining organized, efficient customer management and fostering long-term business growth.

The Problem with Traditional CRM Tools

Traditional CRM tools like HubSpot, SalesForce, and PipeDrive are far too complex for many users. They have a steep learning curve and extremely low user adoption rate. They’re rigid, forcing you to conform to the platform, rather than the platform adjusting to fit your business. These platforms also lack integration capabilities with other systems, creating data silos. And most importantly, they’re far too expensive for the little value they add to your business, with high initial expenses and steep monthly subscription fees.

Why a Custom CRM?

We were fed up with the limitations of traditional CRMs, and so were our clients. So we built a free CRM tool that updates automatically, giving you insight into call bookings, attendee presence, and sales progress. It’s flexible, easy to use, easily adaptable to your business, and most importantly, it’s free. 

Key Components of the Ops Kings CRM

Automated Event Management

The CRM features a Make automation that seamlessly integrates with your calendar. It filters events using an internal block list, identifying new opportunities and linking them to existing ones, ensuring you never miss a potential lead.

Calendar Integration

Whether you’re using Calendly, manually booking sales calls, or receiving external invites from prospects, the CRM manages all of these events. It’s designed to adapt to various scheduling methods, ensuring comprehensive coverage so that you never miss out on a sales opportunity. 

Airtable-Based Dashboard

At the heart of the CRM is an Airtable backend dashboard, a user-friendly interface packed with features. It’s open-source, allowing for customization to suit any preference.

Metrics: Close and Show Rates

The dashboard provides a clear view of vital metrics like close and show rates. It emphasizes the importance of the first call’s outcome, offering insights into no-shows, cancellations, and offers made. These are the default options that you can measure the success rate of your first calls

But since it’s open source, you can also adjust these to fit you or your sales team’s needs. 

Opportunity Status Tracking

A key feature is the ability to track the status of opportunities after two calls. This provides a realistic view of your sales pipeline, helping you understand your actual conversion rates. Here are the defaults: 

Again, these can be changed to fit your sales system. You can use these metrics to calculate your close rate for individual members of your sales team and the average close time of the entire team. This can help you forecast future business revenue and optimize the sales process as needed.

Deal Source and Value Metrics

The CRM enables tracking of deal sources and the monetary value of opportunities. It includes metrics like average calls to close and days to close, providing a comprehensive view of your sales efficiency.

Does your sales system need an upgrade? Our team of ops consultants can build you a fully automated sales system so your reps can focus more on closing deals, and less on CRM management. 

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