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SEO Article Uploading (WordPress/Shopify)

SEO and media businesses often have to upload hundreds if not thousands of articles per month to their client’s or brand’s websites.

They have teams of writers (in house or external) that write from scratch (or edit AI-generated content), choose images, link to the correct product pages, and set SEO meta information.

Challenges with Uploading Articles for SEO Agencies

SEO is an easily-standardizable process – write the article, include the correct keywords, link to other relevant top-of-funnel articles or bottom-of-funnel product pages….

But SEO agencies have to do this process for tens or hundreds of articles per month, for each of tens or hundreds of clients.

Not only is the article/image uploading process tedious, so too is the quality assurance process (checking the validity of hundreds of links)…and this quality process needs to be re-done regularly to ensure a high quality standard (ie: a client could restructure their website, which breaks links, then blame you for their lack of SEO results).

How We Automate SEO Article Uploading

Depending on the workflows of the agency, we typically automate the following processes:

Article Formatting

  • Automatically verify if the meta title/description is too long, too short (or if slightly out of range, show warning)
  • Remove empty list items & paragraphs
  • Detect if headers have been resized to look like paragraph text (and warn if detected)

Product & Article Link Verification & Creation

  • Verify links are not 301/404
  • Verify the correct form of the URL is used (ie: vs
  • Verify that product links are linked to the correct product page (and not a Shopify “variant”)
  • Verify product links use the correct anchor text
  • Show the product link density (so articles are not too salesy)
  • Verify each article has enough images
  • Verify each article contains at least one product/collection link in the target list
  • Calculate density of product/collection page links (ie: words per link, to ensure the article contains the right amount of promotional links)
  • Show all anchor text used for product/collection links, in order to verify sufficient variety of anchor text
  • Verify external links are not 404s

Internal Link Creation

  • Locate keyword variants for target article in other articles in the “silo”, and add links within all articles
  • Warn if a linking opportunity between 2 articles is not found

Article Uploading

  • Resize images so they fit within WordPress/Shopify API limits
  • Upload all images from Google Drive to WordPress/Shopify
  • Replace HTML in article to use uploaded images instead of Google Drive files
  • If the client uses WordPress, add trailing backslash to all internal links (does not apply to Shopify)
  • Set featured image behavior & article excerpt depending on Shopify theme
  • Upload HTML, excerpt, and featured image to Shopify/Wordpress
  • Set meta title and meta description in Shopify/Wordpress

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Ongoing check of external links (not 4xx)
  • Ongoing check of product page links (not 4xx, 3xx)

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